Where To Begin - R12 Projects is an innovative landscape management company that specializes in grounds and turf maintenance programs, with a primary focus on providing exceptional customer and community service.


What's So Special - At the core of R12's foundation, is a desire to serve our local North Atlanta community at large.  Landscape maintenance affords the perfect venue to provide a mobile team of inspired professionals on the road and in our local neighborhoods everyday.  We train our team to prioritize and seamlessly ensure customer expectations are being met.  In addition, we extremely focused on being good citizens and stewards of our time and resources for our communities and individuals in need, as our day unfolds before us.


Who We Are - We are constantly seeking those with a passion for service to join our team! Successful days for us, of course, include seeing the great results of our landscaping efforts, but also include excitedly sharing stories of helping change a tire, buying a stranger a meal, carrying the other side of a couch up a flight of stairs, corralling an escaped dog, or working to meet a unique need that may present itself.


Why We Do This - We believe in the mandate of treating others as you'd like to be treated and using our talents for service in our community.  R12 Projects, LLC aims to stand out and avoid conforming to the world as we've all typically experienced it.  We are eager to mobilize ourselves in our community in ways that make His name known through our good works.